So Long Netflix

So Long Netflix

Whatever happened to you Netflix? You were once the pinnacle of innovation - one of the first to embrace the cloud. And (as an engineer) I was enraptured to read details of your infrastructure. Chaos Monkey was a particularly pleasant image and solved a real problem. You went your own way (the very definition of innovation) and were the plucky upstart that solved a real problem for the world. When I happen to see one of your signature red DVD packages it fills me with nostalgia and something else... sadness. I remember what you once were and the starkly different thing you've become.

What are you now Netflix? A wanna-be HBO? Maybe you can beat them at their own game, but that game is dull and beneath you. I realize it became more costly to get access to third party content long ago.  You then fought the good fight only to realize that joining them was easier than beating them.

Fast forward to today - there's little on Netflix I'm interested in watching yet I pay the monthly fee like a dope. Looking at the home page one cannot deny there is a lot of content, but little soul. Your filters, to help me find what I might enjoy watching, have become worse ever year. At the same time you're pumping out season after season of anything and everything. I understand your game - drown me in choices so I don't see the inherent lameness of the collection. It worked for a while, but at the same time you took away things I did like (true ratings and comments to name two).

Looking at the home page today I see a page full of options, yet nothing inspiring. I need someone to curate this collection and help me distill it down to the good stuff. You used to do that for me. Instead now you throw me in the deep end and let me struggle.

So long Netflix. I don't even think I'm going to miss you. Years ago I watched every criterion disc you had. Every movie in the IMDB top 250. Every Futurama episode. I loved what we had, but you've changed for the worse and it hurts too much to pretend you're still the same as you used to be.

And raising rates, yet again? Why, to make even more of this swill. No thanks.

Where will I go and what will I do? I'm not sure. Everyone has an Amazon Prime account, so that's a stop gap until I find something good.

So long.

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